Founders of Rivervale Mosque in 1974
Photography: Abdul Rahman Yahya

House converted to Mosque in 1973

Front view of Rivervale Mosque in 1974

Rivervale Mosque in 1975

Rivervale Mosque in 2014 c.1975

  • History
Property purchased in 1974 and converted into Mosque.  Rivervale Mosque is Perth’s second oldest metropolitan Mosque
  • Present Imam
Sheikh Hisham Gaad
  • Mosque Capacity
200 People
  • Janazah (Burial) Services
  • Sermon Time
    Friday Prayer Lecture:         1:00pm
    Friday Prayer Prayer:           1:30pm
    Eid Prayer:                         7:30am
  • Female Facilities
    Jumuah:          Yes
    Eid:                 Yes
    Wudu:             Yes
  • Religious Programs
    Beginners Class for new Muslims- Tuesday at 7pm
    Tafseer Classes- Thursday at 7pm
  • 24 hour contact
    (08)9362 2210
    IMAM (Religious Advisor):
Sheikh Hisham Gaad 0405098421