Imams Board (WA)

Islamic Council WA’s general meeting of 8 June 2014 formalised the establishment of a Imams Board to serve as a unifying point for  WA’s  Imams and Sheikhs.

  • The board is authorised to oversee and assist in resolving religious issues facing the diverse Muslim community in accordance with Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • The board aims to unite Muslims on Haq (truth) and re-establish  the tradition  to mark the beginning of Ramadan and celebration of Eids on one  common day for  WA Muslim community.
  • Provide a social and a professional support network for Imams and Sheikhs towards their work condition  or remuneration scheme.

The following Imam, Sheikhs and a scientist were appointed with Allah’s blessing to serve on the Imams  Board for the 2014-15 term:

  •  Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim ( Islamic Chaplain Curtin University, University   Western Australia and Head of Islamic Studies Langford Islamic College.
  • Sheikh Hisham Obeid (Imam of Rivervale Mosque, Marriage Celebrant and registered Minister of Religion).
  • Sheikh Faizel Gaffoor ( President of Jamat ul Ulama WA- Muslim Theological Council of Western Australia.
  • Imam Saleh  Ibrahim (Abu Abdullah) – Islamic Centre of WA Inc.
  • Dr Moataz Kordi ( Smile of Hope Association Inc)  PhD in physical geography and degree in astrophysics. Experience in preparation of Islamic (Hijri) Calender, calculation of prayer time and determination of Qibla directions and lunar calculations.
  • Dr Rateb Jneid (Islamic Council of WA)

Update on Imams Board (WA)

 ICWA general meeting of 12 October 2014  resolved to expand the  current  structure of the Board of Imams (WA). The reasoning behind this change is to reflect the rich diversity of Islamic scholarship and  schools of law practised in the  Muslim community.

Therefore the Board will accept Imams and sheikhs of each Mosque or Musallah in WA to join the Imams Board (WA)   to present a unified Islamic stand on challenges and opportunities confronting the West Australian Muslim community.

Please contact Sheikh Hisham Obeid (Imam of Islamic Council WA) on (08) 9362 2210 [ICWA Office]  or via email:  to register your interest to join the Imam’s Board (WA).

The Imams Board (WA) offers free  family mediation service in less complex family law matters. All complex family law matters are referred to  the Family Court process in accordance with Family law regulations.

Muslim Family Mediation Service offered by Imams Board (WA)

Muslim Family Mediation Service offered by Imams Board (WA)