President of Afic, Dr. Rateb Junied and President Islamic Council Zubair Sayed,
meeting the Commissioner Dawson to discuss community issues.
Safety in the midst of COVID, Police Headquarters, Perth.

Burials in Western Australia are administered by Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB), a state government agency. Allocation of land for Muslim burials is administered by MCB and has oversight by the Minister. Some regional jurisdictions such as City of Busselton is not administered by MCB but its local government laws subject to Cemeteries Act 1986 (WA).

A private Muslim burial society, Perth Muslim Burial Society Inc conducts Muslim burials as is Perth Mosque Inc and Canning Sulemaniye Masjid in accordance with Islamic law. Noorul Islam Society Inc and Perth Muslim Burial Society regularly announce Muslim deaths via a instant SMS messaging broadcast into the Muslim community.

Perth Muslim Burial Society is the oldest burial service established in 1986 prior to that Islamic Council of WA under chairmanship of Mr Abdul Rahman Yahya managed Muslim funerals from 1977.

Islamic Council of WA burial subcommittee has drafted a plan to revive its burial service to cater for the growing demand for quality service for the diverse WA Muslim community.

Islamic Council WA and Perth Muslim Burial Society from time to time meet MCB representing Muslim community’s concerns and discusses issues relating to burial requirements or preservation of heritage Muslim burial sites in WA.

The State Government supports its Muslim community and is aware of the community’s changing population demographics hence extra lot in Guildford has been allocated for Muslim burials. There is no question that our Muslim community will require sufficient burial grounds for the future generations and Islamic Council WA and Perth Burial Society intends to take this issue seriously.

The Following WA Cemeteries have Muslim Burial Sections:

Download Perth Muslim Burial Society Membership Form:

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board of Western Australia

Cemeteries Act 1986 (WA)

Muslim Pioneers Burial ground ( late 19th Century)

Old Coolgardie Cemetery has Muslim graves of about 50 burials of Afghan camel drivers, merchants and original builders of Perth Mosque. The old cemetery is situated at 51 Forrest St Coolgardie WA .

Muslim burial sites are also scattered in near the Goldfields of Western Australia’s outbacks where early Afghan and Indian Muslim indentured laborers toiled the desert land. Broome also has exotic Malay-Chinese Muslim burial grounds from the 19th century and early 20th century. WA historians such as Emeritus UWA Professor Charlie Fox acknowledges the importance of early Muslim burials in Western Australia that signifies the contribution of Muslims to the early economic development of Western Australia.
First Imam of Perth Mosque is buried here. Haji Mullah Merban
First Imam of Perth Mosque is buried here. Haji Mullah Merban
Photography by Yasir Arafat Goldfields Islamic Community Centre Inc. 2014