Who are we?

The Islamic Council of Western Australia (ICWA)  is one of the oldest and government recognized religious councils in Western Australia. Established in 1976 and incorporated as a State Council for Islamic affairs in 1977.


ICWA is a regional State body functioning under the auspices of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) established in 1964. AFIC’s  administrative  HQ is in Sydney New South Wales. AFIC is internationally recognised as the main unifying Muslim institution of Australian Muslims. The three tier structure of a federal council, AFIC, operating with the co-operation of the regional councils such as ICWA, which in turn functions with the support of several affiliated Muslim community associations has helped to maintain the unity and strength of the Muslim community in Australia.

The executive committee of ICWA is elected annually by the delegates of its member associations and the council endeavours to promote the spiritual, social,civil rights and cultural welfare of West Australian Muslims.

ICWA is the chief supervisor of halal food services in the State of Western Australia.

  Some of these activities include:

  • Certification and monitoring of abattoirs, local butchers and halal meat and food for export.
  • Certification of local restaurants, bakeries, cafes and take away food outlets.
  • Educating the public on Islamic dietary laws and practices.
  • Investigation of halal food complaints.

  ICWA’s Imam and Religious Officer:
As part of his religious role as Imam of the ICWA, the Imam  manages day-to-day religious matters at Rivervale Mosque that functions as ICWA’s HQ.
The Imam is  registered  as a Minister of Religion by the federal government and he helps address the all marital requirements of the WA Muslim community.

Some of ICWA’s other community activities include:

  • Running of Community Islamic Centre and Mosque.
  • Conduct of Muslim marriages (Nikah’s).
  • Promoting community harmony and defending civil rights of Muslim citizens
  • Conduct of Islamic education,mediation and counselling.
  • Islamic calendar moon sighting committee.
  • Advocacy for Muslim civil rights and lobbying government.
  • Visit detention centres, hospitals, hospice and  prisons.
  • Ramadan, Eid and Iftar programs.

The Islamic Council of Western Australia also co-ordinates the activities of it’s affiliated associations wherever it can.

The Islamic Council of Western Australia consists of affiliated Muslim community and religious  associations which include:

  • Al Salaam Society Inc.
  • Arabic Community Association of WA Inc.
  • Bosnian Islamic Society Perth Inc.
  • Bunbury Islamic Society Inc.
  • Edith Cowan University Islamic Society
  • Furqan Islamic Association of Western Australia Inc.
  • International Humanitarian Aid Inc.
  • Islamic Association of Geraldton Inc
  • Islamic Association of Katanning Inc.
  • Islamic Centre of Western Australia Inc.
  • Islamic Cultural Centre of Perth Inc.
  • Jamiat Ulama of WA Inc.
  • Kalgoorlie Islamic Centre Inc.
  • Madrash Shiarul Islam Inc.
  • Muslim Charity Community of WA Inc.
  • Muslim Defence League Inc
  • Muslim Women Welfare and Advocacy WA Inc.
  • Muslims WA Inc.
  • Muslim Youth Support Centre  Western Australia Inc.
  • Muslim Youth WA Inc.
  • Noorul Islam Society Inc.
  • Peace International Inc.
  • Persatuan Islam Pulu Cocos (Islamic Association of Cocos [Keeling] Islands
  • Perth City Musallah Association Inc. 
  • United Australian Islamic Association Inc.