Islamic Council WA’s Rivervale Mosque collection/donation policy on all charitable donation was mandated  following council meeting of 12 April 2015 and is enforced by the ICWA’s Executive committee.

Money collected as donations on a weekly basis are utilised for the upkeep and management of the mosque. Donation boxes are placed inside the mosque. Money collected are published on Mosque’s notice board on every Friday under supervision of ICWA’s treasurer and Imam.

Only incorporated association or a registered charity is allowed to collect funds for humanitarian or mosque projects on Jummah day. Collector has to issue a reciept to the Treasurer or Imam  of the amount collected on the same day. The receipt is filed for council.

A written application or a official email from the association or charity (applicant)  must be sent to the secretary requesting permission to fund raise on a jummah day at least two weeks before the day of collection on Friday.

The secretary will seek authorisation from ICWA Executive Committee for approval of fund raising.  The applicant  will be notified via email.

No person or organisation, association  is allowed to collect money on Mosque property without proper authorisation.

Street collection of money from public require Department of Commerce authorisation. If your association is not a registered charity please contact Department of Commerce for a collections license.

For the maintenance of the Rivervale Mosque donations can be sent to:

Islamic Council of Western Australia Inc.

 Reference:   Building Fund donation

BANKWEST Account Details:

BSB:  306-040

ACCOUNT:  0657803