Open Mosque Initiative

  • As Muslims, we are residing in Australia, and we must interact and portray the true tenets of Islam through our actions for people of different faiths, races, and cultures to comprehend the true Islam, which is peace, kindness, patience, multiculturalism, inclusiveness, tolerance.
  • Open mosques are a great initiative to interact by having non-Muslims as our guests in our mosques to learn, understand and ask questions to clarify any misconceptions. The Islamic Council of Western Australia will not leave a stone unturned in implementing the initiative of Open Mosque day.
  • We will be having an Open Mosque day in October 2021, whereby brothers and sisters from different faiths, cultures, genders can visit the Rivervale Masjid and enjoy a sausage sizzle, tour of the Mosque and ask some hard questions from the Imaam mosque.
    Open Mosque day at Rivervale Mosque on Sunday the 17th October 2021!