What do we do?

The objectives of the Council are

  • To render religious service to the Muslims of Western Australia
  • To promote and maintain unify and friendship amongst Muslims and other communities within and outside of Western Australia
  • To represent the Muslims of Western Australia in the Australian Federal Islamic Councils Inc (AFIC)
  • To establish, own and manage mosques, Islamic Centres, Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions for Muslim children and adults of Western Australia
  • To preserve, promote and Safeguard the religious, social and educational interests of Muslims in Western Australia
  • To discourage the production, promotion and consumption of intoxicants, narcotics and other activities forbidden is Islam, by Muslims
  • To manage, print and publish newspapers, journals, booklets and leaflets which the Council may think desirable to further its aims and objectives
  • To speak and make representations on behalf of the Muslims of Western Australia on all matters effecting their religious, social and or educational welfare
  • To establish, encourage, maintain and support Islamic associations of the Council throughout Western Australia
  • To vigorously and vigilantly combat and correct through proper legal channels any misrepresentation of Islam and false propaganda
  • To raise funds through various activities