The Islamic Council of Western Australia Drug Program for Youth.

The goal and objective of the Islamic Council of Western Australia’s Drug program is the prevention of the Muslim Youth as well as other Youth from becoming substance users, abusers, addicts. Prevention by awareness, education, engagement, inclusive approaches such as involvement of parents, teachers, the Youth themselves, and experts, in portraying the dangers from the grassroots level at schools, implementation of documentaries, storytelling, youth days, youth camps, establishment, and implementation of sporting programs, propagating and establishment of manuals, videos, and portrayal at social media platforms. To get the message across that substance use and abuse leads to catastrophe for themselves and their families and is a serious matter which can shatter their lives and their families forever.

Furthermore, discussions with Youth and question and answer sessions to depict their views about substance use and abuse. Methodologies to combat and eradicate the menace from their perspectives.